About Us

Phinisi Hospitality was established in November 2015. The founder, Mr. Wilianto Tanta, firstly started the business in general contractor industry under the name of PT. Passokorang before entering the hospitality group under PT. Makassar Phinisi Seaside Hotel at 1996. Along the way, the hotel group rapidly expanded across the city in Indonesia and have also been a big contributor in the development of MICE sector in Makassar.


The name Phinisi itself was literally inspired by the prestigious masterpiece of Makassar, Phinisi Ship. Phinisi ship is famous for many qualities; exceptional strength, symbol of fighting spirit, the advanced quality Makassar (or Bugis) culture before technology came, including its ability to break high waves and sail vast distances. Phinisi famous throughout the globe as it also shows Indonesian ancestors were able to wade the seven ocean of the world. Likewise, Phinisi carry a courageous value on how the company in wading the waves of any competition that show up.

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