Phinisi Hospitality provides active and professional assistance in Human Resources, Sales and Marketing, Finance Controller, Product Development, IT and Creative Entertainment team. We provide highly qualified expertise to support and follow up the daily operations of the properties; from procedures and standards, corporate management training and career development, recruitment, financial reporting, sales and marketing planning and support, technical assistance for projects under development.

Executive Committee

Chief Executive Officer : Anggiat Sinaga
Chief Operating Officer : Andre Prasetyo Tanta
Chief Finance Officer : Edwin Prasetyo Tanta
Chief Development Officer : Ibu Jennifer Anastasya Tanta

Senior Management

Corporate Director of Logistic : Tommy Thomas
Corporate Director of Sales & Marketing : Ellen Tanti Martha Silaen
Corporate Director of Finance & Tax : Mustafa
Corporate Director of Human Resources : Yolla Octavia
Corporate Event Sales Manager : Erlin Cinora
Corporate F&B : Mia Andhini
Corporate Business Development Manager : Gunawan Cahadi
Corporate Financial Manager : Natalia Christianty
Corporate Loyalty Program & Digital Marketing : Ryan Salim
Corporate Legal : Safar

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